Eric Guibert established sens in 2003 to create spaces that help people lead better lives, lead being the operative word. 

Throughout our projects we strive to create buildings and public spaces that support them in the realisation of their projects. It is fundamental to us that our designs strive towards what Cedric Price called “free space”.  Just as much as the originally build design, space is constantly re-made by the inhabitants through their furniture, their stuff and the adaptations that they make. So buildings should have the flexibility that allows the inhabitants to make them their own as their needs change, to lead their lives more freely.

We have integrated this “free space” concept, in private homes in various parts of the UK and continental Europe, both new build and major transformation. We have also designed for other sectors: the regeneration of the public realm of a Council Estate, primary and secondary schools as well as a Tea Room. We are currently working on a mixed use development in central London, a Victorian church being converted to a single home in Scotland and a major restructuring of farm buildings in France. Our work has been published in the UK and abroad.

We are developing the idea of “free space” further with Camilla Wilkinson in our Design Studio at Westminster University. Each year, we research the potentials of an urban area that is most in need. We aim to show the potential of this location and thus raise the expectations of its inhabitants and decision makers. Our approach is always to create situations where people can better help themselves - and others - to improve their surroundings.