The farm is finished!

I would be lying if I said that the last few weeks were stress free but the farm was completed on time (well a short week late) and on budget.

There are the usual snags to clear. In this case we have three minor-ish items which hadn't been ordered on time on ventilation and plumbing and the re-polishing of the concrete to remove some render and grout stains.

The house feels great. It is remarkably cool thanks to the ventilation system that tempers the incoming air in a 35m ground pipe at 1.50m depth and the exposed thermal mass of the concrete floor and slab.

The Douglas fir wall paneling and cabinetry is beautifully warm once oiled with a mix of linseed oil and turpentine. 

The concrete floors, once re-polished, will be waxed with traditional bees wax that will give a beautiful smell to the house.

The solar panel hot water system works amazingly. Even with 7 people in the house, it produces enough hot water solely from the sun. The wood burning range works almost too well; the back boiler which heats the hot water in the winter has a tendency to boil which creates the most impressive gurgles and banging in the pipes. This will stop once the missing thermostat is installed as the water will then circulate properly.

One of the most striking surprise is the silence and darkness once the house is closed at night. The roller shutters and double glazing completely screen of the noise and light from the outside.

Here are a few - fairly poor - photos of the result. More will come in the coming months...