Inside in the middle of the landscape

A challenge of renovating an old farm house is how you open the inside to the landscape and the light without destroying the mass of the building.

In this case, we have created a number of extra vertical doors that open the house in other directions. As these openings are similar to the original ones, they read as a continuation. They are relatively cost effective to produce as their spans are limited. As you can see on the views below, this succession allows you to both feel protected by a thick wall and feel as if you are in the middle of the landscape. This is also true acoustically as the sound of the birds can be heard from the three directions giving an amazing acoustic three dimensionality.

Before, notice the subtle change in ceiling height; it has been created by dropping the floor by 10cm.

Although the openings are a small proportion of the wall, the power of the views dominates the space when you are there. You are drawn towards it and as you get closer, the vertical openings give you a total view of the landscape, from the ground to the sky.

This effect has been reinforced by having window jambs that open outwards; this allows you to see more of the landscape as the thickness of the wall is not hiding it.

We have also kept the alignment of doors which make what is otherwise a solid facade permeable.