Un-molding the concrete slab

Making concrete is like baking really.

You mix your dry ingredients with wet ones, pour and let it set for a while and un-mold.

Due to this process, there is an element of uncertainty in the result; depending on the exact mix, temperature and the quality of the mold itself, different aspects might appear. So removing the shutters is always a time of slightly anxious excitement.

This time, it has worked amazingly.

The concrete has a polished stone like sheen and beautiful variations in its tonality ranging from pale to dark grey.

It reflects the light and makes the ceiling feel higher.

Small ripples created by the plastic sheet that covered the shuttering gives it life like fossils incrusted in a rock.

The polished floor above has not been quite as successful. The temperature went down to minus 6 on that night so the finish is more honed rather than polished.