The carpentry is nearing completion

Another exciting step in the building process: the carpentry going up. 

Within a week, the house has a roof, is an enclosure.

It is only then that you start to get a feel for how the elevation will read at completion. From the outside, the windows that were light when the inside was outside are now dark.

The carpenter has done a great job with the renovation of the existing oak trusses. They still have the irregularities of hand cut timber.

Another exciting moment has been the casting of the lower part of the concrete first floor slab.

As both the soffit and the top of the slab will be left exposed, the contractor has preferred to cast the slab in two layers. The first has been cast on a plastic sheet to achieve a mirror like finish. The top will be polished.

The white box in the image above is a reservation for the lighting which will be below.

The concrete lorry is a fabulous machine with a scorpion like tail which can be directed with a portable joistick in any location.