The power of small alterations

In many ways this first phase of the farm project is a simple renovation of an old building. What is changed is limited to what was crumbling down (roof, timber floor, window jambs and lintels) or needs to be improved (insulation). And yet each of these is an opportunity for subtle changes with radically change the quality of the spaces.

Such an example are the windows and doors details.

If you look at these examples, you can see the impact of reversing the detail and widening very slightly each window. The original windows were installed close to the outer face of the wall with the walls chamfered to let light come in. We have reversed this; the windows will be in the inside and the openings open out towards the outside. We have also widened the angle slightly so that it lets in more light throughout the day.

A consequence which wasn't planned but is quite magical is that seen from inside, the wall seems thin and light. 

Location of master bedroom before

Location of master bedroom after

Location of other bedrooms before

Location of other bedrooms after

From the outside, the thickness of the wall is visible and the windows and doors seem to open out towards you.

The house looks more welcoming.

Front of the house before

Front of the house now