The farm is warm

There is a frog trying to get in.

It is jumping at the window every 10 seconds; I am not sure why but I will hazard a guess that it is attracted by the heat. Because the farm is hot on a cold day for the first time in the last 30 years.

When we arrived 5 days ago, it was a freezing night (-2 C). The house was cold (12 C) as it had been empty and closed for 2 months.

During this first night, we thought we had made a BIG MISTAKE by not having central heating and relying solely on our wood burning range for heat. The house was freezing. It did warm up but very slowly to 13-16 in a few hours.

But the following morning, I realised that - how stupid - the old and wide flue of the second fire place was still open; all the heat escaped up the chimney. As soon as it was closed, the house warmed up in a few hours (to 16-18). The following day with similarly cold nights but sunny and milder days, the house had fully warmed up (to 17-20). Phew.

Living with this heating is such a pleasure. There is an intense satisfaction in heating a house & water as well as cooking with wood cut on the land. The feeling of being in control and less dependant is incredibly fulfilling. It creates a bond with nature; you look at trees in a different way as providers of energy. 

The burning of wood has a rythm, you add wood every hour or two when you are at home - and awake - you can't help gazing at the fire with a cup of tea, fascinated by the movement of the flames. It feels elemental, somewhat primavel although the contemporary technology makes it comfortable.