There is a point when a building comes back to life...

There is a point in a renovation when a building seems to be coming back to life. You can almost feel that the building is starting to breathe.

It happens at the moment when the structure has been stabilised and has been cleared of all that needs to be removed. The walls feel solid, the edges are defined, it begins to look like a place to live.

The farm has just reached this point.

If it wasn't for two - thankfully not too serious - accidents on site which have slowed the progress at the end of last year; the construction is progressing well. If you build in Vendee, I would recommend the main contractor: Biron Construction.


We are having a bit of a dilemma about the electric post that almost touches the house (left of the photo). Our original instinct was to have it removed and the connection installed underground. We got quotes from the ERDF the electricity company who would do it for 8 to 10 thousand euros; what a joke for what is probably 3 days work. So NO THANKS.

As it turned out, I am growing very fond of it - the concrete post itself is quite beautiful and last summer the swallows spend every morning warming themselves up, feeding with the chicks learning to fly. There is nothing more restful than watching them.