It is now proven, new homes are below the most basic space standards

CABE have just released a survey which shows how the construction industry is failing society in the provision of homes. You can download the report here.

New homes do not provide sufficient space to live in them comfortably. Lack of storage, kitchen where you can't eat or have children playing, complete lack of flexibility or even space to put the furniture you need. The current provision is a disgrace.

Interestingly, they show that it is so endemic that there is no choice for homebuyers, no competition to encourage house builders to provide descent standards.

We all new it instictively; now we can prove it.

The only way to improve this situation is to establish regalutory space standards. Housing Associations have been doing it for decades. Lets applaude the rescent GLA release of theirs which is compulsary for any publicly funded residential accomodation in Greater London and - hopefully - will be for the private sector in the future. You can dowload the design guide here.

With a bit of luck, these might be national one day.